Over to the right you'll see a list of our sponsors, and you can read all about them below...

The Rachel Carson Institute is a part of the School of Sustainability and the Environment at Chatham University, and RCI has generously hosted the YERT Premiere in Pittsburgh on Sept. 20, 2011. This is especially meaningful to the YERT team as the road trip started and ended at the Rachel Carson Homestead. We salute this groundbreaking environmentalist, and thank the RCI for its support!

Bioneers is an inspired international organization that assembles activists and thought leaders from around the world to envision and enable a positive future. Much of the YERT content was inspired through visits to the Bioneers conferences around the United States, and we are thrilled to join forces with them for a special YERT Premiere in San Francisco on Oct. 11, 2011.

PennFuture is an environmental advocacy non-profit in Pennsylvania that has generously supported the YERT Premiere in Pittsburgh on Sept. 20, 2011. In past years they have notified thousands of local, environmentally minded Pennsylvanians about the YERT launch and homecoming events in Pittsburgh-- thanks to some well-timed e-mail blasts. We can't thank them enough for their continued support!

Pair Networks is a top-tier web hosting company that is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, home of YERT Producer Mark Dixon. Pair is quite possibly the most environmentally friendly web hosting company in the world, and has agreed to provide free web hosting services to YERT. We're currently working on the transition to their hosting service, and YERT truly appreciates Pair's support.

Parkhurst Dining is the premiere food service company in the Pittsburgh region, supporting local agriculture through their catering and restaurant business. Parkhurst has also generously contributed food service to the Pittsburgh Premiere of YERT on Sept. 20, 2011. YERT thanks Parkhurst for its generous and delicious support!

Salt of the Earth contributed a free dinner to support our raffle at the YERT rough-cut screening at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers on 12/17/10. Master Chef Kevin Sousa wows diners with high-end yet down-to-earth food, not to mention a legendary drink menu...

YERT and ChicoBag | Reusable Bags have come together to raise awareness about the Bag Monster and his worst enemy: the reuseable, stuffable, colorful ChicoBag. You can buy special YERT ChicoBags in our store!

Theo Chocolate shipped an extraordinarily loving amount of their uniquely seductive fair-trade organic chocolate to us for the YERT Homecoming event in Pittsburgh. We had more chocolate than we could give away to our happy guests, and we're eternally grateful. Mark's favorite is the dark chocolate with nibs. Don't stand in his way...

The Rachel Carson Homestead sits just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and has served as an anchor for YERT. We began and ended our road trip at the home of Rachel Carson, and have been embraced by the staff that maintains her legacy!

YERT Friends

Pittsburgh City Councilmember Bill Peduto has been been a huge supporter of the YERT project since before we first hit the road back in 2007. Not only does he support YERT, but he supports all kinds of environmental initiatives in Southwestern PA, and we like that. Thanks, Bill!

A YERTy approach to regional greenification, GLUE (Great Lakes Urban Exchange) is working to "take the 'rust' out of the 'rust belt.'" They've certainly helped pave the way for YERT to re-enter the world after a year on the road. We love 'em!

We stumbled upon 350.org through our happy exchanges with StepItUp2007 and 1Sky. 350.org is busy getting the word out about the most important number in the world: 353. Just kidding. Scientists believe we need to get our carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere down to 350 parts per million. Right now we're at 387 ppm. Any questions? Watch the YouTube video.

Early on in the YERT project, we met Ryan and Mandy from WithinReach, who are biking all around the USA to document how sustainable communities function. And, like YERT, they're working on a feature film about the project. They've been extremely helpful and supportive of YERT since the very beginning... Please show them your support, too!

YERT has known David Kroodsma (RideForClimate.com) for several years, and through that time we have known him to be a thoughtful, capable, and dedicated advocate for strong action on climate change. Indeed, he has put is body on the line to prove it, cycling all over the country and the world to bring his message to ever-increasing audiences. He is also an excellent writer, with a book in the works. As fellow national road-trippers, friends, and ambassadors for a stable climate, we believe that David would make the best citizen journalist in Copenhagen during the climate talks, and plan to do all that we can to help him get there. Please take a moment to show your support by voting for him on The Huffington Post's "Hopenhagen" contest, here.

YERT is Sponsoring...

We don't sponsor nouns (people, places, or things) too often, but we've gotten to know the folks at Steeltown Entertainment and couldn't help but team up with them to encourage kids to take a shot at changing the world - in the form of a video contest with major prizes! Read all about it here.