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"Here's a trip you'll wish you'd taken, and you'll be glad you get to watch!"
-Bill McKibben, Author and Environmentalist

YERT Feature Film DVD

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"YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip"
Feature Film on DVD

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Ben and Mark pulled out all the stops for this brand new cut of the YERT feature film, not to mention filling the DVD with piles of extras: filmmaker commentary, outtakes, YERT shorts, and deleted scenes. We even have subtitles so you can finally understand what we're saying! We get a percentage of every purchase, and the percentage goes up if you use the "BUY NOW FROM FIRST RUN FEATURES" button above, so please be sure to use it as *much* as possible. We also get a percentage of other films you purchase on the site-- if you click through our link. Thanks!
(NOTE: Film is ~113 minutes. This DVD is not licensed for public screenings or library use.)

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YERTy Books

We've assembled a few of our favorite books in this section-- You can download World on Edge for free online, saving paper and a few bucks. The other books might just save civilization (at the expense of a few trees). YERT also gets a percentage of any fees you pay to Amazon-- just be sure to click through from our site!

Worms Eat My Garbage

From all the information we've gathered this year, this book is THE de-facto standard guide for starting your own compost pile, with or without worms! The only way Mark, Ben, and Julie were able to generate one shoebox of garbage per month was through intensive composting. Give it a try! Click on the book to pick up a tree-free copy.
World on the Edge

Published in early 2011, this is quite possibly the best and most timely summary of our civilization's relationship with the planet that sustains it, and recommendations for how to fix it. Author Lester Brown and the Earth Policy Institute have decided to let you download the whole book for free. We, and they, really want you to read this book.
Agenda for a New Economy (2nd Edition)

YERT's interview with David Korten was a highlight of our journey, and we can't wait to share his wisdom with you. In the meantime, he'll share it directly with you through this book. Timely, powerful, and necessary to truly fix things in America, this book is highly recommended by YERT.
Small is Beautiful

We visited the headquarters of the E.F. Schumacher Society and were brought nearly to tears during an interview with its Executive Director, Susan Witt. This book fundamentally changed Ben's world view-- perhaps it will change yours, too!
The Great Turning

In this groundbreaking book, David Korten revisits history to skillfully articulate a powerful path towards a sustainable, human-centered civilization-- away from the empire-based power structures we see today. This book and its author provided tremendous inspiration for the creation of YERT.
Cradle to Cradle

YERT interviewed gDiapers in Oregon, and this company happens to create one of the first "cradle to cradle" certified products on the planet! Read the book, then re-think the way that humans create and "dispose" of products. A must-read.

YERT Shert Shop

We know you probably already have more clothing than you need, but are you conveying the appropriate earth-saving message with your daily attire? Doubtful. Fix it, with YERT. We use the age-old tradition of organic cotton, combined with the creation of a perceived need to relieve your newfound eco-based guilt with these shirts. Buy them and YERT gets a couple bucks. And we love you for it. And the planet improves.

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