Speaking Engagements

YERT Presents to Schools, Colleges, Businesses and Community Groups

The team from YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip - is available to give presentations filled with environmental fun and film as it shares highlights from a year's journey exploring weird, wild, and wonderful approaches to sustainability all across America. Pick from the following presentation formats or request your very own. To schedule a presentation near you nationwide, contact team@yert.com.

Green Business

Bob Berkebile, Renouned Architect

YERT visited dozens of green businesses to uncover the tactics, strategies and philosophies that help them thrive. We share their wisdom and blend it with a selection of fun and informative stories and videos that will educate and motivate you and your company to envision and grow into a deeper shade of green. Expect clips of Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, renowned architect Bob Berkebile, Green Festival founder Dr. Kevin Danaher, and more!


Dr. Kevin Danaher, Co-Founder of the Green Festival
Green America

Joel Salatin, Iconic Philosopher-Farmer

The YERT team searched every state for Americans of all stripes who are working to build a better relationship with the planet. This video-enhanced presentation takes a fun look at the greenest people, grandest ideas, dirtiest encounters, simplest livers, most sustainable states, and the most powerful solutions we encountered all year-- not to mention the garbage that we kept in our car the whole time. You'll meet uniquely green folks like 92-year-old cave-dweller Dugout Dick, and philosopher-farmer Joel Salatin (from The Omnivore's Dilemma). Are you bogged down by bad news about climate change, water scarcity, fishery depletion, and peak oil? You'll leave this presentation re-energized and smiling.

Dugout Dick, Cave Dweller
New Media Tactics

Your Environmental Road Trip would not have been possible without the help of countless new media tools and software. We've spent the last three years deeply entrenched in cutting edge technology, deploying dozens of videos to thousands of viewers with the help of Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Google Docs, and a continuously evolving suite of new tools. If you are seeking to harness the power of the internet to convey a more compelling message to a broader audience, then this event is for you. We go under the YERT hood to explain how it all happened, the lessons we learned, and how you can avoid our mistakes.


Jen Boulden, Co-Founder of IdealBite.com

What They're Saying...

YERT has presented to live audiences all around the country, including the Bioneers Conference in Portland, ME, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture 2009 Conference (PASA), GLUE Conference '09 in Milwaukee, WI, Duquesne University, Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham University, University of Maine at Fort Kent, Bowdoin College, St. Joseph's College of Maine, Slippery Rock University, Arcadia University, Albright College, NYU, Dickinson College, and a number of elementary and high schools. We're already booking events for Fall '11, so give us a call-- we'd be delighted to stop by your event, too. If you'd rather plan a screening of the YERT Feature Film, click here. See what they're saying about us in the quotes below...

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have you spend the day with Michelle and I and then share your story with us here at Sony Pictures. It was truly a memorable evening and your presentation was funny, engaging and just really really good. I think it was probably one of the best Green Series events we have had. ... I hope the rest of your trip to California is a success and that you are enjoying your travels. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait until the film is finished so that we can have you back! Thank you, Lani Monos, Manager, Global Corporate Social Responsibility, Sony Pictures Entertainment
These days, it seems that sustainability is very often discussed as if it were just another corporate communications initiative-----the emphasis is usually on "the message" and public perception. In contrast, Mark's presentation was very much about sustainability as ground-level reality, one small choice after another, day after day..........sustainability with a small "s". -Centria employee
Mark, Ben, and Julie have an intense curiosity about the world........the videos demonstrate their child-like enthusiasm and genuine love of discovery. To a large degree, that's what makes their investigation of sustainability far more compelling than any other one that I've seen; their adventures sparked a great deal of conversation among everyone who attended the presentation. -Centria employee
I would like to thank you once again for making the presentation to my class of undergraduates at the University of Southern California. Your presentation set their imaginations on fire and generated many subsequent fascinating conversations about the environment and what steps each individual can do to change the world, one step at a time. Thank you, and good luck with the project! Salud! -Kathleen Dwyer, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Institute for Prevention Research, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
Thank you again SO much for coming to Westridge on such short notice to talk with our students. I found your talk to be incredibly informative, interesting, and inspiring, and I know that the girls did, also. I think that what you are doing in showing people how they can find their place in the environmental movement is so important, and you'll never know how many lives you'll touch with the work that you do. It's beautiful that you're "passing the buck" by doing for others what Al Gore did for you! I wanted to let you know that in my conversations with the girls over the last few days, they have been raving about you. One group said that you were the best environmental club guest speaker they've ever had (and they've had a lot!). Several others commented that they have new ideas about what they want to do with their lives based on your presentation. You are a huge inspiration! -Lauren McCabe, Westridge School for Girls, Pasadena, CA
Ben...thanks so much for participating in DEFF (the Dutch Environmental Film Festival)! It was great to have you in our midst (virtually) and the Skype session worked out really well, the audience liked it a lot!" -Tom van de Beek, Organizer, The Dutch Environmental Film Festival
We invited Mark to speak at Carnegie Mellon's Focus the Nation/National Teach-In event. Mark's YERT talk was fun, educational, and inspirational. With his dynamic speaking style and sweet sense of humor, Mark showed us what people all over the nation are doing to help save the environment. Several participants came to me after the event and told me it was so great that we have the YERT talk in our program. A group of local high school students even made a special trip to the University just for the YERT talk. Everyone enjoyed Mark's talk very much. In addition to the YERT talk, we also showed several YERT videos on big screen during our Local Lunch on the Teach-In day. The YERT videos were entertaining and also enjoyed by the lunch diners very much. -Anny Huang, an organizer of Carnegie Mellon's 2009 Focus the Nation/National Teach-In
I want to thank you for sharing your YERT experiences with us. I found your videos educational as well as entertaining and engaging - a great combination to get people's attention and help spread awareness. YERT should be on the Green Planet channel! -Hope Lohman, Administrator for the Holistic Mom's Network
Mark's presentation was fun, interesting, and inspiring! We had record attendance at the event, and students are still telling me how much they enjoyed it. Mark was able to get a diverse audience thinking about sustainability from a fun perspective, which has created a whole new 'green' momentum on campus. If you ever get a chance to see Mark or host him as a speaker at your university- do it! His presentation at UMFK was amazing! -Heather DeCotes, President of UMFK Ecology Committee, University of Maine at Fort Kent
"The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) was proud to host YERT as a presenter at our 18th Annual Farming for the Future Conference in February 2009... Mark integrated stories, humor and film clips with interviews of significant faces in food, politics and sustainable agriculture into a fun and educational program" -Allison Shauger, Director of Educational Outreach, Conference Program Coordinator
"YERT's Mark Dixon is professional, enthusiastic, and entertaining. The presentation materials are fascinating and information-rich stories, and yet the presentation, both in substance in style, is totally accessible. He allows audience members to feel like they can contribute to the conversation, to sustainability efforts, and to spreading the message. Our participants shared a few pieces of feedback that are superlative, but are still underselling Mark's efficacy.
      'My eco-awareness has increased by at least 300%, thanks to his efforts.'
      'I felt Mark's presentation skills were top notch and his positive attitude was infectious -- at least.'
      'Mark was articulate, exciting and very passionate... I wish him the best of luck and plan to keep in touch with him.'
I have also received at least five emails from participants commenting on a YERT video that they shared with their friends/colleagues/family after seeing Mark's presentation. He has the effect of whetting the sustainability appetite -- making people more curious about sustainability efforts, and, I think, more likely to go home and actually do something differently." -Sarah Szurpicki, Co-Founder GLUE (Great Lakes Urban Exchange)
"My graduate students were very impressed with the delivery of information... The video quality and visuals are of the highest quality..." -Prof. Robert Sroufe, Duquesne University
"Video was funny but very insightful to the audience. Made me want to do more myself." -Sustainable MBA Student, Duquesne University
YERT focuses on individuals who have a passion for sustainable living as actual practice, not theory; consequently, we see a kind of sustainability that's highly personalized-----and because it's personal, it's more meaningful and more likely to be effective. -CENTRIA employee
By showing us that the diversity of "green" mirrors the diversity of people, Mark demonstrated that real sustainability isn't limited to fluorescent lighting or a recycling program or some other standardized plan---instead, it can be a highly customized reaction; I think the take-away for CENTRIA was----look at your own situation and then invent a sustainable strategy that works for that situation. -CENTRIA employee